Welcome to Lochaber Crafts and Food Producers Association

The Association was formed in 1993 to bring together the various individual craft and food producers operating in Lochaber, in order to market and promote our unique wares throughout the area and beyond.  One of our main activities has been to produce a printed map and guide to our various businesses, which has been very well received and continues to be produced annually.

Times have changed a great deal in the twenty years since the Association was formed, and we find ourselves operating in a very different environment.  We have therefore decided that it is time for a significant shake up, and to “re-launch” the Association in a format yet to be determined, but which is geared towards supporting Lochaber businesses succeed during the next twenty years.

At our AGM held on 19th March 2014 the previous Chair, Treasurer and Secretary all stepped down in order to make way for a new group of individuals to lead the Association forward.  The old committee and new committee are now working closely together to develop ideas for the future, which will probably include re-naming, re-branding and re-launching the Association.  

In the mean time, this website has been put on hold - we hope to have a new site functioning from April 2014.

If you need information about craft or food producers in Lochaber please email: admin@lcfpa.co.uk.


If you are a craft or food producer in Lochaber, please help us to create an Association which is of value and assistance to you by:

  1. Ensuring that your membership is kept up to date, if you are a current member.
  2. Sending an email with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about how the Association can develop and help you with your business.
  3. If you are not a current member, please contribute towards shaping an Association which would be of benefit to you.
  4. Please help us spread the word – with greater membership and new active members we can work together to secure investment into the area which will benefit us all.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining, please encourage them to make contact with us.



Email:    admin@lcfpa.co.uk

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